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RTI does not display any domain topic

Dear everyone,

Recently, I've tried to use RTI DDS to visualize the domain topic in the "RTI Administration Console". However, the console doesn't display any topic when the program is running:

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Multiple Topics for Code Generator

안녕! DDS를 공부하고 있습니다.

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Failed to create Topic using an existing participant

Hi, I'm using Connext 5.3.1. I get the following runtime error. What could be the issue?

DDS_Topic_createI:!create presentation topic
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dds::core::Error'
what():  Failed to create Topic

My code is like this

codedds::domain::DomainParticipant existing_participant = dds::domain::find(DDS_DOMAIN_ID);

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Using multiple types with same topic name

I am trying to follow the best practice:

So I defined topic name "camera" and multiple types like Frame, Diagnostic etc. to be sent under topic. Sounds logical and looks clean and fits into DDS topic concept that is name + type.

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Content Filtered Topic not really filtered?

Hello everyone,

I am testing a simple application with ContentFilteredTopic.

The DataWriter basically just send random numbers (possible temperature values in a range 0-100) and the DataReader receives them with a filter: it should only receive values less than 20 and greater than 80.

Apparently the application works fine. If i run publisher and subscriber I actually see what I expect and the temperature values are filtered as I want.

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Keyed Topic data traffic

Hi, all!

I've havent found an explicit answer to this:

If I create N publishers on one topic, each publisher publishing data for one particular topic key (so we have N topic instances), and then one subscriber to the topic that wants to get only data for one particular key. Is the data already filtered (by key) on the publisher side or the subscriber gets all the data (and filters locally)?

Thank you,



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How to get participants IPs

I need to know IP addresses of hosts of participants subscribing a specific Topic. Is there a built-in topic that contains IP addresses of hosts? How to find this information from the middleware?


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