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Supported platform for OMEGA 2+ supporting MIPS architecture


I try to install the rticonnexctdds_connector in my OMEGA 2+  (that it has MIPS architecture Linux/GNU 4.4.74 ) and for this aim I used the command: pip install rticonnexctdds_connector.

The installation is successfully done but when I import it I have this error:

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[SOLVED] how to change max_objects_per_thread in rticonnextdds_connector


 We are experimenting with the rticonnextdds_connector with node.js. Due to some legacy reason, we need more than 10 participants from different domains. However, node.js has a single process. On our 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04, the maximum number of participants was limited to 8.

   In order to increase the number of participants, we would have to change the resource_limits.max_objects_per_thread of DDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQos. The api to access DDSDomainParticipantFactory is not exposed in the connector.

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Using Pytest with DDS_connector ..segmentation fault

Hi, I'm using the example Python files that come with DDS_connector and the pytest framework.  I have been using the file 'test_rticonnectdds_dataflow.py' as a starting point for writing pytests for sending and receiving DDS messages.  However when using my own .xml file with my own data in the dataflow test I come up against a segmentation fault when reading my data. I know this is mentioned as a todo in the notes.  I was wondering if you could offer any help with this?  

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