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RTI Routing only works on specific domain id and port


I am trying to use the RTI Routing for to route the Shapes demo between two separate Linux computers. Each Linux computer is running one instance of RTI Routing and one instance of Shapes demo. Each routing instance is also executed inside a Docker container. I have published the port using the parameter --publish 7400:7400 in the Docker run command. I am usinga slightly modified version of the example tcp_transport.xml, the one forĀ WAN.

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Data overhead of each packet & domain ID size


I have two questions;

1- What is the data overhead of DDS Connext v 5.2.0? I read a document about it ( which said it is 56 byte. But I'm wondering where the dynamic data and dynamic type of every packet are stored. I think they definitely need more space.

2- Is it possible to increase domain ID size? It's 8 bits (0 to 232 plus reserved IDs) (For example increase it to a 16 bits word)

Thanks in advance for your answer :)

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