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Tech Talk Series: Architecting your System with Connext DDS


New Tech Talk upcoming in July 30! 

RTI's Bob Galbreath and Christopher Carson will present a data-oriented approach to microservice integration using Connext DDS. Join us for Part 4: Using Connext DDS to Achieve Data-oriented Microservice Integration to learn how: 

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Presentations from Singapore Connext Conference 2019!


Hello everyone! 

A huge thank you from the RTI team to all of the Singapore Connext Conference (ConnextCon) 2019 attendees!

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Presentations from Munich Connext Conference 2019!

Munich Connext Conference 2019Hi everyone!

Using DDS in UAV Control Stations

Describes the devekopment of UAV Control Station by Raytheon:

  • The control stations provide command and control of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
  • A common control station controls more than one type of UAV
  • A control station is made up of a set of service
  • Services defined by the Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture standard. Some common to all vehicles and some unique to a single vehicle

UAV Control Systems belong to a class of systems that require:

Tactical Microgrid Standard (TMS)

Overview of the work of the Tactical Microgrid Standards Consortium (TMSC) to develop a Tactical Microgrid Standard.

TMSC is a collaboration of US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army C5ISR, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Schweitzer Engineering, and Humber-Garick Consulting Engineers. 

This work is being adopted by US Army PM E2S2 and US Marine Corps, and many other industrial and government organizations.

The TSM standard uses DDS for the data-modeling, the databus communication, and security.


Conference or Venue:

RTI Connext DDS CERT - Intro to Safety Certified DDS

RTI’s Connext DDS Cert is the first DDS implementation evaluated to DO-178C. It is available with a complete Level A Certification Package produced by Verocel, a leader in mission-critical software verification with a proven track record of DO-178 certifications. Find our more at


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