What causes a 'PRESPsWriterQueue_add:!timestamp order' error?

The most common cause of the following timestamp order errors is that the system clock of the publishing application has been modified to a time in the past:

PRESPsWriterQueue_add:!timestamp order 
PRESPsWriter_write:!timestamp order

RTI Data Distribution Service requires a monotonically increasing system clock to operate correctly. RTI’s middleware uses this monotonic clock for many of its operations, including timestamping and ordering. If the clock makes unexpected leaps in time, the RTI middleware will not operate correctly.

For example, if the time suddenly changes to an earlier time, RTI Data Distribution Service will detect that the new data samples have older timestamps than the previous data samples.

Another problem that can occur if the clock "jumps" is the misfiring of event timers. If the time suddenly changes to a later time, the internal event timers may trigger prematurely, because the expected future time arrives more quickly than it should. This can cause incorrect loss of liveliness.