This page contains a set of short informal recipes to help you solve common challenges you may face when using RTI Connext DDS. This recipes include topics such as configuring favorite IDE to work with our libraries, tuning the performance of your application, or configuring your firewall to let DDS traffic through.

You can contribute by commenting on existing HOWTOs or creating your own here (requires logging in).

This HOWTO describes the steps you need to follow to set up your Edison board to build DDS applications.
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This how-to lists a set of simple tests you can run to validate that the main functionality of the RTI Connext Open Community source code you built been ported successfully.
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How to get started with RTI Connext DDS, including defining your data; generating code; and publishing and subscribing to data.
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This document explains how to debug a distributed DDS system when there is no communication, or sub-optimal communication, seen between publishers and subscribers.
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This article shows how RTI Connext DDS can address different integration problems working across several architectures, operating systems, transport layers, and programming languages.
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This document explains how to configure DDS to use the DTLS transport without WAN.
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This article shows how to serialize and deserialize data using DDS_DynamicData
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