Integration of DDS and ROS2

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Integration of DDS and ROS2

In ROS2, Using qos_profile = rmw_qos_profile_system_default will use the default xml configuration from the installation directory of the DDS vendor, RTI CONNEXT in this case.


Looking at this documentation from RTI, it means that the file NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml is loaded. But this file doesnt have any QoS settings. This just have the discovery of the participants.


Also, is there a possibility to know the QoS by some RTI Utility e.g. Admin Console ?


Use Case :

Lets say, some other application, e.g. ROS2 is publishing on a topic using a QoS settings which I am not aware of. Now I need to create a subscriber for this topic using XML Application Creation by using RTI Connector for Python. For this, I would need to know the QoS settings used by ROS2 application and then create a similar QoS using the XML.


Any leads would be helpful :)