Cannot find License

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Cannot find License

I have created a C++ Dynamic Library in Netbeans which includes some DDS code within. When I compile the project, grab the .so files and reference them in my other project (JAVA JNI), I get the error:

RTI Data Distribution Service No source for License information
Please contact with any questions or comments.
Exception in publisher_main(): Failed to create DomainParticipant

I'm currently using Ubuntu 16.01 and have added the enviroment variables for both the NDDSHOME and RTI_LICENSE_FILE. I have also tried placing the license file in the project tte and alongside the executable to no avail. I have also tried multiple forum solutions such as: to no availi

The LICENSE issue only happens when I try to debug the application through NetBeans. When I run the .jar file through the terminal using "java -jar", it runs fine.


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Hi Moe,

It looks like in the environment in which Netbeans is running your application the RTI_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is unset. Have you tried adding it to your run project like this?

Properties->Actions->Run Project->Set Properties: Add Env.RTI_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/your/licensefile.dat