How to debug when DDS isn't working on one machine?

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How to debug when DDS isn't working on one machine?



I am using RTI DDS 4.5d.  I am just starting out and trying out the RTI Shapes Demo.  I've got three machines going.  Two of them (Windows XP & Linux OS) look like they are publishing and subscribing properly to each other.  However, the third (Windows Server 2008) doesn't look like it is working at all.  It publishes but when subscribing to other shapes, it doesn't show anything when it is supposed to.  The same could be said vice versa - the other machines subscribing to those shapes can't see the Windows Server 2008 machine's published shapes. 


What are the ways to debug this/what is wrong with this?


Thank you.

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I am Bettina and I work for RTI in Europe.


I have seen this kind of communication failure due to firewall settings, and as a first debug step I would look at the firewall of the Windows Server 2008 machine.


Would you be able to temporarily disable the firewall and see whether this allows the data traffic through?





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Hi Bettina,


Thanks for the simple solution.  It does work when the firewall settings are turned off.