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unable to find topic_qos and more from Qos_Profile in xml file

Hi currently i am trying out RTI Connext and i encounter a problem when i try to use an QoS file which was used for the ADLINK's Opensplice implementation. 

I added the qos_library is should, but it still can't find the sub elements past the qos_profile.

this is a snippet of my QoS.xml file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<qos_library name="TestLibrary">
<qos_profile name="TestProfile" >

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DataWriter public attribute transport_selection not appearing in rtiadminconsole?


We are using RTI DDS v5.3.1 on RHEL 7.5 x64.

We are trying to troubleshoot a DataWriter.  We have the datawriter selected in rtiadminconsole, but the public attribute 'transport selection' does not appear.  We want to see what this value is set.

I expected all the public attributes of a DataWriter to show up.

Is this a bug or a feature?


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Loading a QoS

I am trying to get my LabVIEW DDS application to use a custom QoS.  I have created the file "USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml" and (for now) put it next to the labview.exe executable (C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2017).

Currently my QoS doesn't contain any data - just a reference to the LabVIEWLibrary::DefaultProfile to see if I could get that working.  Now, whenever I load one of my test reader files, I get a pop window (that looks like a console window) that says:

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I am relatively new to DDS and hope I get some help here. I have read up many threads and help topics regarding QOS and many examples are for Linux, as I am working on a Windows machine.

I am using this function:

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How to change thread priority?

Hello everyone,

I am having some troubles with thread priorities.

I am running a pub/sub application on VxWorks and I notice that for each pub/sub that I run, 4 threads with priority 71 are created (named RTIOsapi).

I looked for it on the platform notes and I noticed that "71" is the THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVE_NORMAL value for VxWorks.

I would like to change this value somewhere in the XML QoS file. I found out that there is a tag:




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Deadline > Lifespan

Is it correct that if the deadline period is chosen greater than the lifespan period then the on_requested_deadline_missed will never take effect?

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Is participant mismatch an issue?

I have a number of 4 partipants running on the same domain ID and two of those talk exclsuively to one another and so does the other pair all on different topics. I have modified the participant on one pair to use a different UDPv4 message and buffer size but do not wish to do it on the other. Right now each pair seems to be sending a recieving messages however all the log files a reporting warnings that the transport into does not match and I am also seeing "Discovered remote reader using a non-addressable locator for a transport".

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Loading user XML QoS Profiles in C++

Hey guys,

I'm not able to get XML QoS files to load in modern C++.  We are using version 5.2.3.  These work perfectly fine while using the C# APIs.  In trying to find a workaround, I found that the XML also will not load if I put it in either $NDDSHOME/resource/xml/NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml or <working directory>/USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml.  I'm just using the sample code in the user manual almost verbatim.

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How to configure the DataReader (or a DataWriter) to receive data in a different port

By default, all the DataReaders and Datawriters under one domain receive data on the same port.

How to configure  the DataReader (or a DataWriter)  to receive data in a different port, different socket.

thank you in advance

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