DDS Routing Service

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Error when running routing service example

I'm trying to run the Routing Service example from the github repo. It compiles just fine, but when I try to run in either of the configurations I get this error: 

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Routing Service adapter on a Rasberry Pi


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RTI Router transformation issues


I'm running into some touble while transforming data using the the RTI Router.

Basically, I have a type (let's call it NetworkEntity) which contains a single field (called "entity") of a complex type (let's call it InnerEntity) which contains primitives. The Router seems to have a problem accessing the members of the complex type (InnerEntity).

I used the example transformation library as a template, and the following code is taken from the createOutputSample method (I removed the error checking blocks for convenience):

A content-aware bridging service for publish/subscribe environments

Abstract: The OMG DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard specifies a middleware for distributing real-time data using a publish-subscribe data-centric approach. Until now, DDS systems have been restricted to a single and isolated DDS domain, normally deployed within a single multicast-enabled LAN. As systems grow larger, the need to interconnect different DDS domains arises. In this paper, we consider the problem of communicating disjoint data-spaces that may use different schemas to refer to similar information.

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