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Connext LTS: Long Term Support for Mission-Critical Applications

Wed, 04/13/2022 - 10:08

Software is a mission-critical part of your application, so choosing which iteration of a product to use can be vital to your success. This holds true for the development of software products for a variety of vital applications. How do we approach it? Traditionally, RTI has had a software release model that could roughly be described as a major release every 24 months, followed by a maintenance release about 9 months later. 

RTI Keeps Getting Better

Tue, 04/12/2022 - 05:00

A company’s culture is one of the most important facets of an organization, and one that shapes the experience of everyone working within it. Speaking for myself, I’ve been through professional and personal ups and downs at various companies over the years, but I can honestly say that I’ve truly never felt higher than I do right now.

RTI Academy Gets an Upgrade for 2022!

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 14:09
Training anytime and anywhere just got even better…

Learning is not a one-time event. In fact, we believe that online learning is key to the success of RTI customers, and that is why we haven’t stopped working on RTI Academy™ since the launch. So let’s cover the new improvements to RTI Academy, one by one!

ITTIA and RTI: Smarter DataOps at the Intelligent Edge

Tue, 02/15/2022 - 14:17

Edge Computing and Intelligent Edge have become the “Buzzword-du-Jour”. Interestingly, Edge Computing has been around for decades. In 1968, Richard E. Morley founded Bedford Associates and invented the first programmable logic controller, or PLC. He established the Modicon company, deriving the name from the term “Modular Digital Control”.

A Trip to the Future

Mon, 02/07/2022 - 09:45

Come join me on a trip to the future.  We won’t go far; only about 25 years from now. To get there, we simply orbit a nearby neutron star for a bit, and come back to Earth. Except for the face-stretching acceleration and extreme risk of death, time travel is like any other flight.  Better, there’s no equivalent of jet lag; for us, time has simply not passed as much as for others. We’ll worry about how to get back later.